Wings flapping
07:10min (loop)

In “wings flapping”, a fictional story written by a member of the german community of so-called treasure hunters, is being recreated using foley-techniques. The story reenacts a historical narrative, based on german WW2-objects traced and found with metal detectors. The work poses questions about found objects as carriers of historical storylines and as vessels of nostalgia and projection. 

Light (Metal)
Cyanotype on linen, steel 

I want to sleep with your truth against my cheek

In installative works, Elina Saalfeld and Elisa Nessler wander through the tension fields of growing up and invite blurred glances at the search for the self and the other.

Saalfeld's installation Light (Metal) explores notions of authenticity, identity, and the desire to be seen. For the work, poems from pubescents collected via social media are printed on linen using the cyanotype-process and are hung on a metal framework, creating a space that makes temporality and process visible.

Design: Fiete Lauschke

Installation view, Frappant Galerie, 2021

With Young Valley Soil: Crossings of O
Mixed media

Crossings of O is created in a dialogue between the artist Helena Müller and the Young Valley Soil-collective.

“While the Young Valley Soil collective asks us to form an “O” with our mouths, Helena Müller invites us on a steam tour after sunset. In their showcase exhibitions, the artists enter into a dialogue about processes of visualization: of gender stereotypes, coded meanings, and the coincidental permanence of interpersonal encounters or of alliances with one another. The glass panes of the showcases are of special importance here: the artists resist their spatial limitations, using both their interior and their exterior. They expand them audibly, but also performatively, as mediators of revealing and concealing. This is a beginning.”

Anette Hans, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof

Installation view, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, 2020

years of sameness
18:08min (loop)
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”years of sameness” is based on a research of choirs, that are established for rehabilitation of people with aphasia (a neurological condition affecting the production of speech). Trough singing familiar songs, people who had lost their ability to speak can gain back access to language.

For the work, an archive of songs from a choir for people with aphasia are run trough an algorithm designed to create ”emotional music” – trough this translation process, a new set of compositions is created on the base of the choirs recordings (instruments, scale, melody). In the procedure, language gets ereased by default and solely the hook lines and melodies recognized as ”emotional” remain. At times, this translation process fails creating a cathartic yet unsettling overall composition.

The work is explicitly site-specific. By installing it in a library, the work can be percieved as a commentary on an ordered canon of knowledge, which manifests itself in the object of the book. On the other hand, the work is also characterized by its proximity to the object - for it functions as a container for language and memory as well.

Installation view, HFBK Hamburg graduate show, 2020

13:37min (loop)

"Collisions" displays a series of movements based on MET tapping. This is an exercise based on Chinese acupressure that is used as a self-care technique for anxiety. The practice is shown in a private space, that is controlled to the point of staging. The image is paired with a computer-generated reconstruction of the performers voice reconstructing stories of childhood injuries.