two-channel video installation
09:01min, stereo


Dazeland is a work that explores water as a means of treatment and control in the history and present of European psychiatry. In the work, the element of water serves as a metaphor for discipline and power but it is also depicted as a space of resolution, transformation, and security – a state of incompleteness. The changing and fleeing water serves as an analogy for the ever-shifting nature of historical narrative: The experiences of silenced positions trespass the surface through the demonstration of stigmas and power structures.

One of the central visual elements of the work is a fountain built in front of the Charité-hospital in Berlin. The fountain is handsome, and represents civilisation, cleanliness, and mastery of nature – values that were also once espoused inside the psychiatric hospital. Simultaneously, water hosts its own ecosystems within the boundaries set by humans.

Video stills 

Frappant Galerie, 2022