Class of Broomberg & Chanarin: 7. Triennale of Photography Hamburg

“Over one trillion images were produced in the world last year, mostly distributed on social media; mostly tools of self-promotion and self-flagellation. For Camera Austria Broomberg and Chanarin’s class, comprising of students from Germany, Finland, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Turkey and Belarus turn to the handful of images that they still care about. They have engaged in a forensic and paranoid interrogation of the medium of photography in search of its source code; the cultural, emotional, political and financial currency of photographs. Playing a game of visual ping-pong that recalls the surrealist method exquisite corpse, where one image responds to the next, the class has created a chance sequence of images that point to something frightening about the life of images in the digital age; algorithmic, disposable and further than ever from the original. “